‘The 5th C’, The Diamond Concierge

The Fifth C

To launch online diamond broker The Diamond Concierge into a broader market, we developed a campaign introducing the only ‘C’ you need to know when shopping for a diamond.

The Fifth C is Part Mr Wolf from Pulp Fiction, part Daniel Craig’s suave James Bond and he is everything you need to know about diamonds.

A tongue-in-cheek take on the complex world of diamonds and the jewellery industry, the Fifth C added an element of humour to a typically serious topic.

The campaign video was supported by tailored landing pages, in the voice of the enigmatic, mysterious Fifth C, with short social videos to launch early July.

Campaign Video 

Social media

5th C social post 1.JPG

5th c social post 2

TDC post 1

TDC vid 1

Landing page (male-targeted)


Landing page (female-targeted)



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